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what happens here

Welcome to barefoot phoenix!

What happens here is adventures in healing. I, amy! the barefoot phoenix am your companion on this journey.

primarily there are two paths to follow:reflex-feet

1) healing of the feet and body through reflexology

2) healing of the mind, body and spirit through tarot

Reflexology works it’s magics by re-booting your nervous system and healing the feet that carry you on all your adventures.  It’s an amazing and addictive and hard to describe. You can learn all about reflexology by clicking the feet to the right or using the drop down menu above.


the wishing tree


Tarot works its magic by connecting you to stories and archetypes that bring you into alignment with your higher self. By aligning with this higher self all of those things (relationship, job, life) fall into place easily and you enjoy the journey of being human.  Learn more by clicking the tree to the left or using the drop down menu above.



Things have changed recently in the ways things happen here at barefoot phoenix:

I only see clients in person on weekends. Friday afternoon from 3pm until Sunday at 5pm, which means there are less slots to squeeze into and you might have to wait a week to see me. I still work in my home so if you are new the address will be sent to you when we confirm an appointment.

I hate the phone so if you want to talk to me please email me and tell me you would rather I call you-better yet text me and tell me to call you.

Tarot readings are available via email. Any day, any time,  you may submit your questions here and I will get back to you ASAP (usually within 24-48 hours unless I am traveling)

I do offer tarot parties. A party consists of 2 or more people and you can learn more on this page.

I have a new website where you can keep up with the faeries, my art, and all the whimsical, practical and woo-woo things I do [ click to visit ]



thank you! thank you! thank you!

i just wanted to take a moment to pop in and say a giant thank you!

thank you to you who is just passing by and you who books appointments and help me pay my mortgage and buy delicious foods to eat. i adore you all!

there is so much happening in my world and it’s all moving so fast and i forget to reach out to each and every one of you and let you know about things in a newsletter or an email or even after a session. know you can always reach out to me and i will get you an update, some answers or book a coffee date to just chill and exchange stories.

it means the world to me that we get to do this healing thing and embark on an adventure where curiosity is our biggest asset and we follow the clues your mind, body and spirit leave for us and transfer pain into potential.

that is amazing! and i am so thankful i get to do this work.

and it’s all because people like you show up here randomly or by introduction from somewhere else and you put your trust in my wackiness and we shake things up!

many blessings and i hope to connect soon!

i always love to hear form you so please never hesitate to each out.



love from me and chaos

love from me and chaos


everyday magic


everyday magic captured by

last time i was in a coffee shop pondering what the hell i do. not from a sad, depressed perspective but from a legitimate how to i explain-talk about-market my particular skills and doings.

the answers i got were amazing and slightly unexpected. nearly everyone mentioned magic. several mentioned connections. a few mentioned artist.

these are bizarre to me, me a connector? i love being tucked into my couch with no sound but my cats purr and would never choose a room full of people to hang out in. as far as magic goes-what did they mean by that? what is magic? shhhh! i don’t want to get burned up again … anyway i have spent the last two weeks looking at my everyday, keeping an eye open for magic and connections and you know what-you were all right.

i starred with the question of what is magic to me? and i found lots of everyday miracles, sights and smells that conjure a sense of magic. i also brainstormed in pink what are ways i can do and appreciate and connect with magic. lots of good things to be distributed here on the blog in a different post. it was fun to sit on the couch with pens and cat and dive back into my notebook and process such  simple and complex question. my next task is to ask all of you to leave me comments on the facebook so i can roll around in it and savor others ideas of magic.

connections was a bit harder for me to see until i listened to myself. and then i had this strange ah!ha! moment of holy shit! i know a ton of people. i’ve read a billion books. i collect and refer to others all the time. so i am a connector. also in small groups i play along with everyone else-it’s really just large groups where i get lost and hide in a corner, am distracted and reserved and generally hate everyone and myself.

artist i can totally see due to all the color i am awaited in at all times-i just wish i could step into all the bits and pieces of that. there is a strange reluctance for me to grab this title for myself and she it all over the world. partially because i am still working through my art school negativity that what i do is too pretty and doesn’t say anything and the starving, must wear black and smoke stereotype the french perfected and haunts us to this day.

anywho i just wanted to write a little update on all the things and let you know the evolution of the barefoot phoenix continues.


love from me and chaos

love from me and chaos


tarot reading #4

this reading was uniques in that my guides wouldn’t let me re-read this after writing it so please excuse any mistakes.
the artist and alchemist of the tarot temperance brings the space and opportunity to risk, dream, divide and conquer.  she is driven to to seek balance and to find her perfect expression and then throw it all away and start again. she is not afraid of failure and seeks out risks like they are chocolate or potato chips.
when temperance enters your life it is time to consider throwing everything you thought you knew about anything out the window and throwing new things together to seek out magic.
the yucky part about temperance, she is often dissatisfied and frustrated with her experiments and creations. the problem with an artist is often there inability to stick with anything long enough to see if it will catch and or become trendy and often they walk away only to watch as other take their cast offs and succeed.
this dissatisfaction is why temperance is often found in water. it soothes the nerves, helps to ground and brings clarity, inspiration and balance.
what happens if i do this? what happens if i throw these 6 things together? is often a boon for cooking but in relationships can feel a bit much sometimes, just know this days/times are just a crockpot gone bad and throw it out and order some takeout-don’t let it cloud your perception of all future cooking experiments 😀
queen of pentacles
i adore this queen with her calm demeanor and her grounded nature. with her dinner parties and her peacefulness.
allow this to be easy.
that is all. allow that this can be as easy as blinking, or breathing or pumping blood through your veins. unconscious, natural with a very intimate and amazing rhythm.
in other news.
pentacles deal with all our worldly interactions but the thing they deal mostly with, that readers often overlook, is our body. without our body we cannot hold treasure, earn money, build a house, enjoy the world. so if you want some advice from the queen heal yourself, trust yourself, and push yourself to a knew understanding and way of being through your beautiful body.
your body is truly magic-ask temperance to help experiment, risk, ground and transform.
the moon
ok so here’s the deal with the moon. its fucking magical.
it fucking tests you
partnered with these cards there is some serious clean up happening. which is so amazing you won’t even believe it.
it’s clean up of past wounds, past horrors, past trust issues and all the bloody skeletons.
the gorgeous thing is you were already in alignment to do this work. the crux of it is entering a relationship with speed up both the processing time and the inability to just ignore it.
often times the moon card is picture with a dog and a wolf. what the moon pulls from you is your undomesticated fuck it all wolf side. embrace her, dance with her fear, her power and her need to shred all the domesticated, whimsy bullshit dog parts. let her rampage and ravage and get it out of her system and then introduce her to the power, loyalty, and ferociousness that still exists within the dog. in essence what can be feared is that by going on this journey we will loose the most important parts of ourselves to fall into alignment with the earth.
the moon wants you to know you will never forget your wild side-she wanes and grows each month, like the tides she controls you are powerful and this journey into the dark with actually show you your light.


can you see the magical bird in the clouds

can you see the magical bird in the clouds


tarot reading #3

cards for the yes

ace of cups

indicates new beginnings and new opportunities as well as the start and development of new relationships. cups indicate that there is a huge emotional attachment to the outcome and development of this adventure.

aces hold the full and complete potential of the entire suite indicating that there is great potential and great frustrations ahead as you learn and navigate the new opportunity.

the gesture of the character and her standing in a pool show that your energy is the most important thing and you can only give away the overflow so as not to drain yourself. remember to renew and fill your cup and everything will turn out in your favor.

high priestess

the first knowing that popped into my brain upon seeing this card is to trust your intuition on this matter. while the world outside is hustling and bustling you know inside how to stop, create and make shit happen.

the high priestess tends to  be introverted and withdrawn and therefore an interesting draw for this question. showing that possibly  there is more information to be gathered, possibly just more meditation which will strengthen your trust in your own knowing.

summery of the yes: the opportunity feels ripe for the taking as long as ou make sure to use your energy wisely and don’t over extend yourself as that will lead to both emotional distress and lack of trust in your decision which again will cause distress and frustration.

also while you might love hiding away (high priestess) the above cups indicate that it might be time to let the world see you.

Cards for the No

7 pentacles

the seven indicates several things most of all that patience is your friend and taking stock of the situation is needed. the 7 is often a recovery card from the hardships of the 5 and talks about the need to get into good habits and doing the same thing over and over will eventually lead you to a new level of confidence.

a holding pattern is what this card indicates, which may not be the energy you want to cultivate-but knowing this inclination to hide out, chill and sit back are going to be pulling on you no matter what you choose.

knave/page of pentacles

a card that indicates standing still with a card that sits upon a flying pentacle. what a combination-the classic should i stay or should i go?

there is lots here that about wanting to fly and wanting to sit still and never move again.

knaves are the manifestoes of their desires and when things are not going the way they desire they simply look around see what makes more sense and re-writes the future by changing it. this beauty wants to make shit happen-maybe she needs a writing utensil to communicate some thoughts and ideas to you.

summary of the no: it is amazing how much frustration ooze out of these two cards-each pulling at the other, each wanting a different thing.

looking at the reading as a whole i’d actually move the Knave up to the yes pile and leave the sleepily little troll to tend his swamp.


tarot reading

summary of the reading as a whole: i’d say you’ve pretty much already moved this whole thing into fruition and manifestation, its just a matter of it actually showing up in the physical world now.

be wary of over extending yourself and resources. be wary of wanting to hide-you have two highly introverted cards so make sure they have some alone and rejuvenation time to ponder, heal and just be.

gather your focus and your intention and intuition and make this a YES instead of a half-assed yeah, probably should do this.



Tarot Reading #2

vacation has got in the way of getting more of these done. i know excuses! someday i am going to learn how to not need excuses and just be ok with the fact that things did not go as planned and other stuff happened instead.

here is secret tarot reading number #2 i hope you get a thing or two out of it’s wisdom. remember i don’t like to edit these as it breaks up the intuitive flow.

a very royal spread today. in tarot the 4 cards of the royal family often represent moving on to higher integration and understanding of the core issues of the suit.


page of wands

wands are a firey creatures and the page or princess is one of the most intoxicating, passionate and forceful creatures in all the tarot. I adore her, how she struts her stuff, speaks her mind, embodies her ideas and ideals, nurtures and debates, dreams and makes shit happen.

its a great time to allow your passion to control your mouth, your focus and your plans. even if everything ends up changing tomorrow to have allowed this confident, radiant being out to play is pure alchemical magic all in its self.

take special note of the creatures playing some music in the lower corner-you might find particular drive and inspiration through song, dance or spoken word.

the foxes have come out to play, or in one case to nap. i always associate foxes with both the qualities of dog, cat and raccoon for they are truly magical and mysterious creatures. be lead on a wild chase and see where you end up.

queen of swords

of all the suite in the tarot the swords are the hardest to learn, to embrace and to figure out. this queen has undergone massive transformation to get where she is. this might be a time of reflection on how far you have come. especially while partnered with the vibrant energy of the page who looks to the future the queen stands as the bridge between what has been and what is possible.

she is the embodiment of metamorphosis, collected thought, and deep knowing. she has carved away the beliefs of other and the truths thrust upon her through life and stepped firmly into a place of deep knowing and truth.

you might find clarity and ease in all matter of communication, use this time to get the words out there is a time later on for revision and editing but for now let the words flow unaltered, and unhampered. there is deep learning and reflection that will occur weeks or months from now when you revisit the words of these next few week.

a deep and beautiful vulnerability exposed. not raw or awkward or uncomfortable. just pure, simple, beauty. refreshing and real and true.

on a side note, i adore how this lovely queen seems to be shooting butterflies out into the world from her curved sword which seems to have become a bow.

the emperor

embodiment of the masculine the emperor seems to provide this reading with a bit of balance. in all the world the emperor is most concerned with order.

he is a master at systems, organization and communication. (all of these cards have felt with communication!) the testament of any good emperor is his ability to delegate and to create trust in his community. what can you do today to release some of your unnecessary burdens to create some openings in your schedule to then fill with events that foster trust, deepen communication and reinvigorate your community?

this is an opportunity to look over the function of your daily life and then create a series of hacks, or shortcuts that allow you to free up your days and nights for things that will take you further faster. i know it’s super hard, for to release things means letting them slide for a bit but trust me the energy is perfect to let things slide and reacquaint yourself with your long range vision.

in the top of the card is etched with nature cycles. daily tasks are important but loose sight of the long vision and suddenly it’s winter and you’ve forgotten to make the necessary arrangements to get through.


this is a magical time ripe for honing in and harnessing your words, your vision and your daily actions. tiny changes right now will lead to big end results in a few months time. be sure to allow the flow and don’t censor or edit at this time as there is some deep truths and vulnerabilities ripe and ready to be seen and transformed.

take good care to stay grounded in the heady time. long walks, baths, yoga or stretching will all help.

creative, transformative alchemy heading your way!


do you want a reading?  

Price: $25.00

do you want to learn tarot? hop over here and check out ways we could make that happen!





tarot reading #1

I have brilliant and amazing people in my life, some of whom happen to also be clients. I was chatting with one of my long time clients the other day and together we realized I had a thing I did which was amazing and easy for me and maybe, I should offer that up to the world.

She commented that she wanted a 3 card reading and was going to ask that I bring my cards with me on my next reflexology house call. But she stopped herself because she so enjoyed receiving the readings via email. “I love your writing, and the way you talk about the cards” and we both paused and thought-I could just do that for people on the blog. Random people who are subscribed to my email list, or friends of mine or what not and that could be my marketing tool.

So here we go on a new adventure! Just you, me, a set of tarot cards and my cat chaos who might pop in once in a while to interject some emphasis or draw some cards on her own.

If the focus of this reading is for you, I have sent you a secret email. Nothing will point to you in the reading because the beauty of tarot is that it had meaning for each of us. But if I was drawn to draw some cards for you, I will let you know and point you here. If you want to be considered for a reading please sign up for my email newsletter (I only send them out about quarterly).


shadowscape tarot deck

I proof my readings to make sure they make sense but I don’t correct a lot of the rambling, or the weird punctuation because sometimes I think that might be a secret code that only you can understand.


10 wands

In tarot 10’s are a transition place. we are moving from the numbered cards into the royalty cards, which indicates in real life a stepping into a bigger role or moving onto a new path. Because this is a transition point things sort of stop, and sometimes we don’t know why and it feels super uncomfortable to basically be standing still.

The 10 of wands is interesting because it asks you to release your burdens, to lay down the worlds problems and to continue your journey free from the burdens you carry. These may be your own burdens, they may be ancestral, or they may be the world’s. what ever the burden you need to leave it in a safe place and continue on the path. There is more waiting for you but you are having a hard time getting there due to all these excess thoughts.

Wands deal with our career, our creativity, our passions. If you find that these things are feeling nonexistent it is because of excess responsibility, work or burdens-your focus and energy are being drained.  All of these tasks, issues, woes and burdens will be right there waiting for you, so lighten up and pick them up again later on down the trail. Hopefully you when you run into them again you will realize you no longer need to support them.


The alchemist and artist of the tarot deck temperance loves to experiment, play and figure out what makes things tick.  She is likely to be found in her room of curiosities turning lead into gold and designing a ship for interstellar travel.

This ally might find her way into your world once you release the burdens of the 10, and re-ignite your passions and help you step up and take some risks. She will likely want to testable play time and messy creative time followed by snuggles and napping.

I adore temperance her longing to balance yin/yang and investigate the wonders of the world inspire, delight and will fill you with awe if you let it.

fall in love with your life again. play a bit more. and don’t be afraid to make a mess.

6 Pentacles

I have a love/hate relationship with this particular card. Partially because like temperance it is all about balance-but it’s weird. So let’s break it down.

Pentacles deal with all the things we interact with and use here on earth: money, home, food, shelter, things, and body. Sixes are often where things go a bit wonky but in pentacles we are actually starting to recover from the wonky energy of the 5.

Seen in this particular rendering of the card is a figure playing a pipe, sitting on a water feature spitting both water and money on a seedling. In most rendition of the card you see beggars handing people money-ironic in many ways right.

This card is about compromise, but compromise in a way that re-established flow. This card is like the tides in the ocean, sometimes it’s high and sometimes it’s low but there is this underlying pattern that pulls and pushes and we are not at liberty to change the pull of the moon and the force of gravity.

In essence this card is about surrendering to the natural rhythms of your life, the underling pull. Partners on one side by temperance and the other with the queen of swords, who we will get to is a second, there is some serious power wanting to shift things. Maybe its time to let it.

Maybe it’s time to sit back, play our pipe and see where we wash up in the morning.

Queen of Swords

I love the picture of this queen, how her bow is a sickle of the moon and her arrows are butterflies. WOW!

So swords is the hardest suite in the tarot because swords deals with our connection to our personal truth and the fact that often to get to our personal expression of truth we have to slay several version of ourselves and destroy the ego again and again. almost every card is a battle to claim yourself, and this card is no exception.

But here in the queen the battle is won. she has evolved and learned, she understands herself and had transitioned from the caterpillar into the butterfly.

This queen embraces and is metamorphosis. Side note when a caterpillar turns into goo and starts to reform into a butterfly those cells are called imaginal cells- cells of pure imagination.

This queen will help you articulate where you want to go next, will help provide you with the vision and the ability and clarity to set the goals and take the steps to get you there. The problem is partnered with all these other super powers, she is not going to allow you to sell yourself short of compromise. She is going to push you to be more, and she is going to start to make things uncomfortable if you decide you just want to sit around or stay put. She’s not asking you to stop everything and be different but she is warning you that you can’t go back, and change has occurred and you no longer fit in the old box.


This is a call to lay down old thoughts, patterns and beliefs (10 wands) re-discover delight and reintroduce creativity into your daily world (temperance) allow this creativity burst to move you to a new place (6 pentacles) and step into the you that is waiting just beyond your vision(queen swords). The world is a big place and you are ready to start being seen in it.


do you want your own reading? you can click the button or follow the link to read more

Price: $25.00

dreaming while under construction

this is a cross post from my under construction site amycreatesstuff 

My dear friend Andrea is about to start doing a free series on her blog entitled “give your dream wings” and I just HAD to participate, here dream incubator and blog post have helped me so much!wing-heart-300x264

Welcome to my dream under construction! As you wander around here you will see thing aren’t quite right. Buttons don’t always work and the header is still missing but I thought it was super important to show that this is part of the result of dreaming, and that when you give your dreams wings things take off and you get to play catch up.

I have used Andrea’s dream incubator process a few times now and I can tell you that unexpected and brilliant things always result from it. This time around it has taken me 4 months just to plant my seed and wait for it to do something. The beautiful thing about that is that in the meantime I have been clearing out old beliefs, composting patterns that no longer work, and getting clearer and clearer on the results I actually want-which is totally different then what I thought I wanted at the beginning.

Now as things are starting to sprout there is amazingness. And because I took the time to clear out the old and really focus on the end result I feel the steps from here until the manifestation feels like it will be easy peasy. (because it’s me I know there will be stuck bits but not so much as to derail me)

There are two things that help me the most when I am working with my dreams. One is making maps instead of to do list. I find when dreaming a to-do list or goals is yucky, so I draw a map with a start point and an end point and I fill in the steps I know and leave big open spaces for the small steps I can’t see at the beginning of the process. That was a HUGE revaluation to me doing the dream incubator, you don’t really know what’s going to come up and sometimes planning out all the steps actually takes you in the wrong direction.

The other thing that helps give my dream wings is a vision board. I LOVE images and words to help me focus and just to decorate my walls and space so at the beginning and sometimes all throughout the process of dreaming I will seek out words and images that convey the actual dream, the essence of the dream, how I want to feel when I have the dream, colors of the dream, and more. I look at it everyday and sometimes shift things around. Here is a link to a pocket vision board I teach you how to make

As I hinted at the start of the post this website is the start of me taking ownership of one of my big dreams and the combining of all my skills into one place that thrives and grows to support me and other dreamers  awake to the amazingness of the planet, themselves and their dreams/passion.

Go play with Andrea! She is incredible and will help give your dreams the wings it needs to soar!



The Give Your Dream Wings Blog Hop is a peek inside the process of how inspiring people make the magic happen. We’ve got some of the internet’s most inspiring bloggers sharing how they give their dreams wings – what they do that supports, nurtures and encourages their tender dreams to come to life.

This is happening in celebration of the new e-course of the same name by Andrea Schroeder of the Creative Dream Incubator. The Give Your Dream Wings e-course shows you how to nurture and grow YOUR dream, for free, in only 10 minutes a day. You do not have to wait until you have more time or money!

to find out about the free e-course, and to read the other (crazy inspiring!) posts in this Blog Hop.


prepare to dive

speaking of amazing women took this picture

speaking of amazing women took this picture

this week i am doing, what feel like it will be, an amazing session called  deep dive with my dear friend and amazing coach Heidi.

one of the pre-dive homework assignments is to take a series of tests to figure out your strengths, your archetypes and something else. that one test just does not make much sense to me.

but the others-holy cows! already i am looking at the results and seeing how obvious it is that that thing or that other thing isn’t gonna work if i keep trying to use such foreign skills and instead i must translate them into woo-woo language.

because if you haven’t figured it out yet i am 1000% made of woo. with a ton of-lets scientifically look at the reason why this woo could be true.

but i’m all mythical, mystical, magical mayhem. with a whole lot of YAY’s.

i can’t wait to tell you more about my deep dive into my business because i think its going to be one crazy adventure aboard a yellow submarine. actually you will probably just see the results, i might not need to say another thing, except how amazing Heidi is, because she rocks it.

p.s. i forgot to mention a package arrived in the mail from Heidi yesterday and it was full of treasure to use on my dive this week. what an amazing an unexpected treat. pictures and more to follow. or possibly you might just want to follow me on twitter if you want the whole adventure as i am sure i will be photographing my messes throughout the days.