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Amy in the World


what happens here

my personal mission to wake up, wake up, wake up and live!

fully, gloriously, and messily.

here is where dreams start their journey to reality-

I am gathering a tribe of intrepid explorers on a mission to discover our gifts, heal, and change the world

eyes wide open, trying not to fall back asleep and into the status quo.

Will you join me on this healing adventure?

There are 3 main ways to journey with me in person

1) healing of the feet and body through reflexology

2) healing of the mind, body and spirit through tarot

3) healing go the body, mind, and soul through shamanic reiki

Reflexology works it’s magics by re-booting your nervous system and healing the feet that carry you on all your adventures.  It’s an amazing and addictive and hard to describe. You can learn all about reflexology by clicking the feet to the right or using the drop down menu above.

the wishing tree

Tarot works its magic by connecting you to stories and archetypes that bring you into alignment with your higher self. By aligning with this higher self all of those things (relationship, job, life) fall into place easily and you enjoy the journey of being human.  Learn more by clicking the tree to the left or using the drop down menu above. wings

Shamanic Reiki is a combining of two ancient energy traditions mixed into one amazing experience. The best part of a shamanic reiki session is that we have no idea until we get there what we are going to shift that day. These sessions are deeply restorative and often energizing as the intention is to free you from restrictions and help your thrive. Learn more by clicking on the wings or in the drop down menu above.

Things have changed recently here at barefoot phoenix:

I work in my home, or I come to yours depending on the session type and circumstance. Ask and we will see what feels right. I also have an Airbnb in the house which means getting to your session is sort of like going to a healing speak easy. I will send you specific instructions when you book your appointment.

I am very bad at talking on the phone, that is all. 

Tarot readings are available via email. Any day, any time,  you may submit your questions here and I will get back to you ASAP (usually within 24-48 hours unless I am traveling)


open for business

how does one hang up the woo woo sign something moves

how does one declare “hey i do stuff and it shifts stuff and you want to try this”

how does one really stand up and say “so i’m sort of doing magic and i can’t really explain it all because we don’t really have words for it (because words limit things) but it’s sort of intense and sort of amazing”

how does one who is super skeptical of the woo herself talk about and write about this stuff?

my guess is i just start talking and then a week later i rip it all down and do it all over and that happens every week for the rest of–well potentially forever.

there are 3 things i want to talk about

dragonfly sessions: these are and intense healing session of awe-some 2-3 hours of bodywork, energy work and shamanic work. we spend the first wee bit sipping tea and chatting about what’s happening in your world and how it might be sticking around in your body. then you jump on the massage table and we move that stuck right on out using rocking, jostling, shamanic techniques like extraction, unwinding, sound, we also might throw in things like tarot and massage. all of this is held and supported by reiki energy flowing. we book 3 hours and potentially all is done in 90 minutes but we take you out of real life for a big chunk of time because that commitment in itself transforms things.

why dragonfly? because for the first years of their lives dragonflies live very successfully as a water grub, but one day something shifts and they walk up a blade grass and out of the pond to transform over the next couple of hours into a dragonfly.

i want to help encourage this shift, and while i also see these sessions as being influenced by the lifecycle of the phoenix i really want to encourage and focus on the crazy impulse of the dragonfly to one day leaving it’s watery self behind and becoming a creature of air. There is no knowing where we are going to end up in this session so bring comfy clothes, a water bottle and a sense of adventure.

suggested uses: physical relaxation and transformation, energetic, emotional or spiritual transformation, mini-retreat of self care, for fun and whimsy.

cost: $143 right now because we need to elevate humanity and create massive change

fairy godmothering: so this is the hardest thing for me to explain. the magic stuff. but you know how the faery godmother always swoops in to make things happen, that’s what we are doing here-providing you the ball gown and shoes so you can meet your destiny.

suggested uses; you have a book, a screen play, a business idea, a job interview, a sick grandmother, a test to pass, an idea, a past stuck, a project, a wedding or event… this list could get very, very long. the basic idea is you have a thing/person/event which needs shifting, energy, change, or plain old help.

i utilize reiki symbols, and faery doctoring to clear, open, shift, and transform the energy surrounding this thing. (i wave my wand and say bibbity bobby boo and you get a carriage, dress and shoes)

voila! what you really get is information and change on the issue you gave me and probably information and change on some other things connected to that. you might get clarity, next steps, energy, healing, happy guests, profits, acceptance into festival or gallery, the job you wanted, a raise, extra sleep, an opportunity…

how this works, you send me an image or pdf of thing which needs help (title page of novel, screen shot of campaign, invitation, business card, your photo or photo of sick person/creature). you tell me why it needs help and what you’d like to have happen. i do my magic thing for one week or one month and we choose to rinse and repeat or it’s done and you wander off.

cost: $35 for one week or $66 for one month – we need to raise some energy and make some shit happen

quantum shifts: because time and distance are things we think of as obstacles this healing session is designed for those of you i can’t see in person or those who have very little time due to “the busy”. it is also designed for things such as your business, home or project.

we email or talk about your intentions and in this communication we tweak and refine those so they are focused and directed. then we pick a time in which we will both commit 30 minutes to supercharge you/your thing. after the supercharging session we communicate-usually via email-anything that came up. This session is usually felt immediately but the effects often linger and waves of change occur for a few days post.

faery godmothering works on a very broad but highly potent level-but this session is dedicated solely to one thing only allowing for quantum shifts to occur.

suggested uses: personal healing general or specific, launching a product/campaign/proposal, healing of a loved one, pet healing, infusing a personal talisman, shifting stickiness around an issue.

cost: $44 quantum shifts require sums that add up to 8 because 8 is infinity doing a headstand (actually all my prices always add up to 8 or 3 because magic)

use my handy dandy contact form or email me at amy [at] barefootphoenix [dot] com to tell me what you want to play with and let start transforming the world, one small step at a time.


reiki, shamanism, and tarot oh my!

i want to tell you a story about reiki energy.timecode

rei (universal life) ki (energy) is all around, readily available and overly abundant. if you are a quantum physics nerd like myself you can think of reiki energy as the space between all the things in the universe (dark matter/energy)-which if you are a true nerd like me you will understand is a huge and vast amount of space. very, very misunderstood and confusing space containing vast amounts of energy and tons of interesting bits of information that we can’t yet see.

when you study reiki you get attuned to the frequency of this energy, in reiki it is called universal life force energy. once attuned to the energy you can access it and start to focus it towards raising the vibration or harmony of a person, place, object, etc. think of it like the concert master at the start of the orchestra playing one note to tune the whole, each individual has tuned but now the whole orchestra needs to be in concert together to form harmony. reiki is calling for the attention (concert master/dark matter) to synchronize the individual back to the whole (orchestra/your life) and create wonderful noise together (play the symphony in tune/get back into flow). In reiki teachers often use the example of suddenly being able to access fm stations on your radio. these waves of stations are floating in the air but until you hook up a radio to capture and play the songs they are just invisible waves floating around us not doing much.

after 16 years of playing with reiki, forgetting about reiki, playing with magic and ritual, running away from magic and ritual i finally feel like it’s time. i’m ready to stop hiding. i’m ready to connect others and their energy, projects, dreams and more to this energy and i’m ready to see what other stations and frequencies i will discover as i dive into this world.

i want to do an experiment. partially because i want to learn about how being a reiki master, a tarot reader, a shaman, a caterer and a reflexologist turns into the symphony of me. i also want to do this experiment because we are living in energetically hard times, where people are scared, human rights are possibly moving backwards, hunger is still a planetary issue and the earth is becoming toxic to humanity. i believe accessing, utilizing and doing more reiki, shamanism, meditation, and my own expression of magic can help.

i am doing this primarily as a giant act of self healing and love.

however in doing giant acts of self healing and love you often find you start attracting others who want to play, need some healing and or are doing hugely creative things and needs some additional focus and energy sent towards them or their project.

if you are interested please pop over here and take a gander at how i can help.

for now i leave you with this thought: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Arthur C. Clarke. while we may not think of reiki or shamanism or tarot reading as technology-well i’d ask why not? they are tools to access insight, information and create change-therefore are they are not much different from what ever device you are reading this on?


breaking free

spiralin the land of me first self care academy, doing all these fascinating things has lead me to a place where for the first time in potentially 6 months to a year parts of my back that have been on lock down moved.

breaking free. it’s all breaking free.


all paths lead to home

spirali cannot tell you how many times in a tarot session i have said “it doesn’t matter which path you chose you’re going to learn this lesson and end up in the same place-if you take this road or that road or some road you don’t even know about yet-just walk and sort it out along the way.”

fucking hell.

in my last post i talked about wandering off path.

today i talk about how detours bring you home.

here’s a story about me. money is very very hard for me to understand, to trust, and to deal with. if wishes were fishes we’d live in some advanced society where we’d have already figured out money is bullshit and that’s not the way things work. but we don’t-so i struggle. and i freak out.

i freak out a lot.

like every 15 seconds a lot.

it’s exhausting to be chasing something you don’t understand and sort of hate.

the chasing of money has lead me some very interesting places. i believe i’ve had 35 some odd versions of jobs in my 42 years on planet earth. (i often hold 2-4 jobs simultaneously) many of my jobs lead into a slightly different version of a very similar job (like at a preschool i used to work at i was art teacher, preK teacher, front desk, program coordinator and cook over the course of 6 years)

over the last 2 years it led me to pretty constantly making food for film sets.

while making food for film sets i got tired. i got lazy. i got cold. i got overweight. i started lifting things wrong. i kept lifting things wrong. i stood too long. i stopped stretching. i hurt. i hurt more. i hurt all the time.

and a few months ago i realized how fucking broken i actually was.

so i stopped.

and entered the ME FIRST self care academy. 

my new mantra was god-damn it i want to be able to hike 15 miles and do a head stand when i’m 70. 

in the me first self care academy (MFSCA) i rediscovered reiki. which made me rediscover meditation which made me say hey what the fuck! faery doctoring is rad! why don’t you tell people about shamanism and earth healing and house energy and self care first before all others and magic and alchemy and ritual and candles and fire and, and, and … and

and i made a leap to where it’s not about money anymore.what the shaman brings forth

it’s about saving myself from the pervasive energy that is degrading our world and keeping us separate form each other and nature. 

it’s about loving myself and the earth who sustains me.

and while i know i still have a mortgage payment and i will still occasionally freak the fuck out about that payment  i understand that we do live in that advanced society-it’s just not the obvious society.

my money story is being transformed through self love, self reiki, a whole lot of magical rituals, some spell casting and a lot of re-aranging the furniture and clearing out the literal and metaphysical cobwebs.

but what does this even mean?

it means that i’m changing my focus. i’m exchanging this weird money thing for magic, for healing, for food, for love. it means that from the outside nothing much will look very different at all except i will have some new things listed on the list of healing things you can do and your food might taste better on set and your experience on set might be a whole lot different and more energizing, and your foot pain might go away faster.

why? because i’m not gonna shut down the energy thing while in mixed company anymore.

pow! whap! bang!

it means i’m now a reiki master but i’m retaking all my classes to learn it deeper, to understand it different. it means i just figured out how to do shamanic healing and clearing without draining myself and it means there’s a whole lot more creativity and resources for my creative friends that are coming down the pipeline.

the crazy thing is, because i made the leap to it’s not about money anymore might just possibly mean that money and jobs and adventure will suddenly pop up out of strange and interesting places. because it’s not about money. it’s about love and connection and wanting to be or be a part of something bigger. with a dash of trust.


the wandering path

some times one wanders far away from the path. maybe they wander away for the wanting of a new view, maybe for the longing of a new life, maybe just to get as far away from where one is that they just run towards something else. there are so many reasons for wandering. IMG_2700

my path led me into the magical world of film. for this i will be forever thankful and i hope i get to find the secret wardrobe and pop in and out of this world for a very long time.

but while in the world of film i lost a part of myself. the part that talks to faeries, and digs in the garden to process anger and hurt and re-arranges furniture to create change and manifest money.

i got lost on this path because i was learning a new skill-making food for 30-50 people, organizing things and working really long days. also it didn’t help that i was consuming too much sugar and caffeine to try and maintain the pace of creative whirlwind projects.

at some point last year i looked around and realized that none of these new people really knew me.

i mean they knew me-because you can’t not know each other working in that intensity of creating a thing  together and getting shit done. but they didn’t REALLY know me. no knew i was a faery doctor with extensive shamanic training, no one knew i specialize in foot pain in my side life and barely anyone knew i was simultaneously hosting an airbnb in part of my home. they knew the important things like, i make real food to feed and nurture them, i figure out their favorite treats and brings them while putting them besides vegetables, i always have chocolate and i smile a lot .

but i got lost on this path.

and i got broken (by water bottles).

i stopped gardening, and stopped taking on new clients, and sort of stopped breathing.

part of this was being in a different city from my long time companion. supporting my husband and best friend to make a career leap and get his feet wet in los angels also took an immense toll on my person.

through this diversion off the path i realized the path i was on had some very important features of joy, and strength, and I’m gonna fucking pull this off no way o.O

sometimes we have to get lost to remember.

sometimes we have to get lost to see how strong we really are, to be challenged.

sometimes we also have to get broken and sad to remember that things like-i can no longer take care of others if i am in this much pain. that my whole job before film was helping get others out of the place i now found myself.

the other grand part about wandering off the path is all the treasure one discovers, things that get stuffed in pockets, adventures undertakes and moments of laugter along the way. more about that to follow.

what i know to be important from this getting lost in the world of film and loosing myself to find myself: energy is key to so many things. the garden is my solace and even 20 minutes in it can refresh,spiral renew and invigorate-i must stop sitting inside and sit there. people are incredible, generous, creative and amazing. food really can change everything. re-arranging the furniture does work, so does dusting the corners and cleaning the baseboards. do not be afraid of shifting everything, a new perspective can rattle so much loose and bring so much in. cases of bottle water are my nemesis. dr pepper can save my life and others(it’s still horrendously bad for me but magic at the same time).  being a faery doctor is a fucking rad thing and i need to stop hiding it. pink hair can elevate so many things. back pain and not being able to walk due to back pain may be the worst thing ever-however that has prompted the most radical self awareness adventure to date. it’s all about story-i knew this but i didn’t want to trust it and now i understand it on such a different level.

guys there is some seriously cool shit happening in my sphere and you’re gonna get to read about it next.


an update with hammers

“…just waiting for the hammer to fall…” 

i almost have a shower!

i almost have a shower!

it’s been way to long without an update. there are many, many reasons why but the main ones are i’m lost, i’m super anemic again which contributes to feelings of lost, apathy and complete exhaustion and i’m trying to make my world better by doing construction projects around my house.

tonight i hit my pinky finger with a hammer while setting the new stone tile in my downstairs bathroom.


and that led me to contemplate how i avoid writing anymore and why things hurt and what the fuck am i doing,  and when i’ve been alone too long and things spiral into pain and sadness it helps to write.

“…if i had a hammer, i’d hammer in the morning, i’d hammer in the evening, all over this land…”

getting sick again, running myself into the ground, and picking myself up again was unfortunately very useful.

when you can’t walk up a hill because your anemia leaves you breathless you start to figure out how to use what tiny bit of energy you have for things that sort of matter.

so i got angry at my crappy living conditions and i started throwing things out, and i started planning new uses of space and i started pinning all my ideas on pinterest and then i started making shit happen.

and now i am about a week from having a shower in my basement. something that may not seem like much until you spend the better part of a year going to the gym to get clean.

“…maxwells silver hammer came down on her head…”

about the time i started making pinterest boards i started getting sick after every period. which basically left me totally useless about 2.5 weeks out of every month.

it took me 5 months of this to figure out that the last time this happened i was anemic and i should probably call the doctor and start supplementing iron.

one month of supplementation and things are better, the doctor upped my dose of iron which i must say is improving my energy but wreaks havoc on the digestive system. i actually got my iron levels up to a 10 (the lowest you are supposed to be is 15 so still a long ways to go)

but these 10 levels got me hammering away at walls, belief systems, choices, eating habits, relationships and more.

“… i wanna be–your sledge hammer…”

re-evaluation is in place.

do i wanna cater films?

do i wanna heal feet, nerves and body with reflexology?

do i wanna read tarot?

do i wanna teach?

truth be told i fucking tired and all i want to do it remodel my basement, organize and purge the shit out of my house and soak up the last days of summer and all of fall in the yard moving things around, planting new things and beautifying my space.

i want to clean all the things in the whole world and make them pretty and i want to do it all from my hammock, or my bed, or my new blue car.

“hammer time”

until i figure out how to do that you can find me taking 2 iron pills a day, petting my old lady cats,  working my variety of random jobs and watching too much tv while waiting for paint or sparkle (my new word for drywall mud) or floor leveling to dry.

also i’ll be dancing the hammer dance as much as possible just because i wrote an entire blog post using songs with hammer in them.

from chaos the 17.5 yr old cat todays secret message is: o0p998

secret messages typed by chaos

secret messages typed by chaos feet


helper kittens

A post in images because what do you nee words for when you have kitties to tell the story. IMG_0632


Chaos immerges the bushes while Cosmos watches on the new flagstone patio, they are testing the level of stones as well as how nice and warm they get in the sunshine.


My deck supervisors, reminding me to take a break, sip water and enjoy the sunshine. Every once in awhile I hear a chirp or a yowl-yawn as I wrestle blackberries, gangly roses and morning glory.




Dirty paws indicate a marvelous day full of productivity and possibly the undoing of everything I just tried to do. IMG_0863



I can tell you nothing would get done in my garden if I did not have these girls to make sure I stayed on task. Being 17 these lovely ladies tend to stick closer to home now which make me happy seeing them peeking through deck railing or stalking me in the grass but also makes me yearn for the past when they would race and leap over fences and I’d have to go on evening cat hunts trying to get them to come in and stop chasing bugs.


on renting your house out

tiny white house with a turquoise door

tiny white house with a turquoise door

Since I was wee I have wanted to be the propitiator of  a bed and breakfast.

All through my 20’s when I rode the ferry to my in-laws, I would immediately go upstairs and straight to the real estate catalogues where I tore out all the listings with acreage, more that 6 bedrooms and of course all the victorian houses.

Alas I could not figure out how to get the million dollars required to buy such a place and get it up and running. So I sort of moved on in my 30’s and started getting more serious about my 507 other jobs because maybe one of them would provide me with a huge bonus or a jaunty investor.

No million dollars appeared. So I found myself at 40, in the starter house we bought 12 years ago (you know that house that you’re like I could live here for 5 years then sell for a better place) thinking about how to do an AirBnB here.

1ad871c3_originalSide note: I specifically thought of AirBnB because that is who I travel to new places through now. I try never to stay at a hotel and I am always sad when there are no AirBnB spaces free in the city I want to travel too.

So I start dreaming about how to create this AirBnB space here, but we could not figure out how to divide up the house. I could not figure out how to give guest access to the kitchen, and I did’t want to give up my entire upstairs, and I couldn’t just rent out the basement as there is no bathing facility down there so I hemmed and hawed and generally procrastinated. I looked at my friend who just rents out a room and shares her space with people, but I am an introvert and don’t necessarily want to bump into my host when I travel. Anyways, we stalled for like a year.

Then fate stepped in and then she stepped on my toes and took away a steady source of income and forced me figure it out quickly.  Actually my brilliant husband figured out the dividing lines giving me  the kitchen and dining room upstairs and the AirBnB people the living room, bathroom and 2 bedrooms. Because when you are traveling do you really need more that 600sq feet of space? Also do you really need a kitchen? I mean part of why I love to travel is to NOT cook. To eat all the new foods in all the new places.

So I moved furniture around. I hired a guy to put in a door and fix the broken fan. I took some lame pictures. I wrote some descriptions and then I posted it. And then I freaked out because it was July and within 10 minutes I had literally 3 inquiries. I was fighting off people who all wanted the space RIGHT NOW.30cd2df1_original

I am still trying to catch up with the crazy of the first 6 weeks.

Now it is October and I have time to touch up some paint, re-caulk the bathtub, buy a real second bed and maybe take some decent photographs. Hopefully  this month I will create a book of places to see, things to eat and reasons why Seattle is brilliant.

Stories: there are some. Mainly it’s been a weird sort of boring. Sort of like this is how the house has always been.

What do I notice? There are always more freaking things to buy, I think I am done I decide to make the space a tiny bit better with real second bed, duvet covers, more sheets so I don’t have to worry about not having the space ready for the next guest. And now as darkness depends lights, lamps, path lighting, path widening and so on so people can get from the driveway to the front door and NOT fall down also how can I control the lights if they forget to turn on the porch light. Oh yeah and the furnace controls are in their space… hmmm that might get interesting.

Other people take way longer showers than I do. Also I have no shower anymore and when I have guest I go to the gym to bathe, which is handy because since I am there I usually do a few laps in the pool or walk on the elliptical.

Our floors are really, really creaky. Now part of that might be the remains of summer drying them out to extremes but I think I learned a secret way to walk through the house and never stepped on half those spots. Like the floors are so creaky sometimes I have to wear earplugs to sleep downstairs.

Laundry and dirty dishes never cease.

Mostly I never realized how freaking complicated our garbage rules are until I had to literally get gloves on after every person leaves and resort their trash. Because my garbage is the size of a milk crate so I have to make sure they put compost in the compost and recycled everything recyclable so I can actually fit my garbage in the bin too.

Long story short if you need a staycation in Seattle or a place to put visiting relatives or if you are coming to Seattle consider coming to West Seattle and hang out. Tell me you are coming and I’ll figure out how to give you a discount on your booking!


falling into something new

so i fell into a job this summer and i disappeared out of this world here.

i fell into a job this summer and i fell in love with really hard work, long hours, ridiculously early mornings followed by late nights into early mornings.

i fell into a job this summer and i fell back in love with my life, with the strange world i have created and the equally strange and amazing people i seem to be collecting.

that job was feeding the delightful, and quirky folks who make film.

i got to work on two films this summer. one a month long job on an indy film feeding them breakfast and snacks and the next on a web series pilot feeding them snacks and a main meal.

it was intense

it was sweaty

it was harder than i care to admit

and i loved every fucking second of the stress, chaos, panic that comes with making sure people are well fed and able to do their jobs without the brain fog and insulin crashes that can lead to making mistakes.

the dishes never end and are all over the kitchen being dirty and the drying.

the dishes never end and are all over the kitchen being dirty and the drying.

the only sad thing about falling into these jobs: i really missed it here. i missed being creative and helping people in other ways and i missed my garden and my cat and sitting still and watching the world because for 8 weeks i did nothing but move, and shop and move food, and chop things and clean things.

but i fucking LOVED it!

so i’m putting it out into the universe.

i loved feeding these people. i loved watching them create magic and talking to them and learning what they like and surprising them with it. i want to do more. i want to figure out how to better, to do this and make sure that i am also well taken care of. i want to this not abandon the rest of my life and the things that are important here, i think i might be addicted to the crazy hours and the buzz of stress, and that every single day is a brand new adventure.

things will be what they are but i’m letting the world know this was fun. i had moments where i didn’t respond correctly and i could of done better but for the most part i really liked who i was in those 8 weeks and i was ridiculously happy to be working that hard and those really long  sometimes ridiculous hours.


precariously perched chaos

today there’s something new in the stories of my life department.

there is a lot that can be said about chaos.

precariously perched on knees

precariously perched on knees

i named my cat chaos. partially to balance her black and white sister that we named cosmos and partly to  remind us that it is easy to fall in love with chaos (the cat and the energy) if you don’t let her drive you batshit insane.

i find chaos (the energy) everywhere in my life these days and i’ve been reacting with such intense negativity that i found myself this week needing to take this to the garden and ponder it.

instead of embracing the minor small changes that really don’t effect the whole of my day or life. i’ve been letting chaos pull on me and distract me and make me grumpy and unproductive. i let the chaos take away my bliss, or cover up my happy.

here’s the story my work in the garden prompted me to remember: one day we couldn’t find chaos (the cat) and it caused a lot of stress in our home. we could hear this weird noise downstairs in the basement of the house we were renting and we feared she had somehow crawled through a hole in our ceiling tiles into the garage which we did not have access too being that the owner stored his classic car there. we didn’t know what to do, chaos had created chaos. we left to eat dinner and thought about what to do. when we went back downstairs we were greeted with a tiny cat head looking at us upside down from the ceiling. i wish more than anything that cellphones and their cameras had existed so that we might have captured this very brief moment of life. two paws curled over the lip f the tile and a tiny cat head looking back at us and all around.

chaos had found a perfect place for which to observe her downstairs kingdom and/or the possibly darkest place in the house if she moved deeper into the space.

this helped remind me that chaos  (the cat and the energy) can bring you moments of pure vivid joy and some confusion) that make you and your spouse laugh long and hard almost 17 years later.

chaos (the yucky stuck energy) can show you laughter, love, new creative solutions, people you might not have otherwise spoken too, love, tears and a reminder to look at things from a new perspective-whether it be looking down from the ceiling or perched precariously on knees chaos is here to stay so let’s make the most of it!

everything will get done. stop creating stress. find a hole to take a nap in or possibly find a new place from which to observe the whole of the situation. it’s hard to remember in the middle of life how lucky i am so these moments in the garden remembering funny stories and writing them up make all the yucky stress i’ve been piling onto my shoulders start to dissipate and melt.